Wellness components

What is wellness? That is the question that we are exploring here. I want to be able to explore this and bring conversation to this topic. Let’s start with some basics, the components of wellness. Mind you these are what I believe to be the main components based on my schooling, reading, and life experiences.

1- Mind: The mind is a powerful thing and we do not give it enough credit. As a Western culture we do not allow time to rest our mind and really just allow it to be. Have you heard of the term “mindfulness”? This term means so much but today I want to talk about how you can bring some mindfulness into your life. Mindfulness is being aware of your body/mind and bringing no judgement to your thoughts or feelings, just allowing them to be floating around. This way of bring is really hard and many take lifetimes to try and achieve a constant state of mindfulness. But, you can start, all it takes is some time. This time needs to be somewhere where you can just be quiet with yourself, try and just be in the minutes as they tick by. Allow your thoughts to be there (they will be for sure). Your thoughts do not stop, they are a continuous stream and this is perfectly OK. Try not to put judgement on them, allow them to pass through and just realize they are there but pay no attention to them directly. Is this making any sense?

When I started on my mindfulness journey I wanted to try and start a daily meditation, I thought that I needed to be “monk like” and attain this state of enlightenment. NOT TRUE, all I needed to do was sit with myself and that was enough. This is an ongoing challenge for me but it gets better with practice. Notice I did not say easier, it is HARD to sit with the quiet and noting but your thoughts. In the end it is well worth it; you mind needs a break, some downtime, a chance to just be.

Now go home and try to start living with more mindfulness, even if it is 1 minute or 15 minutes. Try to start this daily and see how things can change for you.

Questions: Do you think you will try to start a mindfulness practice? If you do what has been the hardest part for you?

Up next: Wellness component #2


From the inside

I have to admit something…over the past few months I have really taken a step back from caring about what I eat. I went through this phase where I was tired of working harder to eat healthier, I did not want to care so much. So I was eating more of the things that I deemed as “sometimes foods”. I do not know if I needed a break or if I was just sick of caring so much.

So recently I have been feeling less enthusiastic, less motivated, just less. I looked to my diet and decided that eating granola on the couch by the handful (after dinner mind you) probably was  not the best choice for living well. I started slowly to try to get back on track; I wanted to eat in a way that I know I will feel my best. I am starting to feel it, I feel the greens that I am eating and the colorful veggies. I feel the energy and life that whole foods gives me. I am happy to say that I am getting closer to feeling really good.

It is so amazing to me that small changes can make such a difference. I try to listen to my body and give it what it needs, sometimes that is a break from it all, and other times it is to eat in a cleaner way to get back on track.

What foods make you feel alive? How do you eat to feel wellness?

Here is a snapshot of dinner last night (spinach, grated beets, sautéed tofu, and avocado) yum yum


Being part of it

I was reading somewhere last week, if I remember correctly it was Tiny Buddah and somewhere within the text was this line:

“become part of one human family”


This struck me and I wrote it down. How often do you feel part of a collective larger and greater family? Do you think of yourself as a contributing piece? In what ways would our perspectives change if we decided to wake up and be/feel/live connected to this idea? These are some of the questions that came flooding into my mind.  I would like to think that people feel connected to the larger world but I really doubt that. One has to put in work and time into shifting what the general society tells us to do (push, push , go, go). I have decided that I will try to re-frame how I feel about this city, community, world that I live in. How will I do that?

To start I will try to take a moment when I get angry at the driver in front of me for going 25 in a 35 zone (they are doing the best they can). I will practice patience when I am frustrated, hungry, grumpy (this may be the hardest one). I will try to remember when I see someone that is in need or when a person smiles at me walking downtown that we are connected (we all have our own stories). Re-framing the moments/days/weeks will help and soon the lens through which I view and think about the world will grow. It will be hard to remember to do this every day but I am committed and even a small step forward will create more positivity.

How can you change your lens? What actions will help you walk though your day feeling connected to a greater family? Please share I would love to hear!

Here we go…



This is my first post on this space and I have high hopes for what could be here one day. Since finishing my Wellness Coaching program I have been at a loss of “what to do next”, I do not have the luxury of quitting my fulltime job but need and want to expand my skills and knowledge.

My vision for this space is that it will become a place where we all can learn about what living well means. There will also be some lifestyle posts so I can share bits of my life with the world…