One last camping weekend

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photo 5So it is the end of summer and we have officially moved into fall. I love fall, actually autumn is what I prefer to call it. I am not sure why but I have always loved the change into autumn and all that comes with colorful leaves, warm drinks, walks around the lake, and football.

I also tend to take time when the seasons change to try to adjust anything that I feel is missing or got “lost” during the busy summer. I for one am going to try to really dedicate a mindfulness practice starting with 3x per week. I am also trying to eat foods that nourish me and not just snack. Small manageable changes.

We took this last weekend to go camping one last time. It was great, we could hear the river all night long and I even got the chance to sit quietly and just watch the water flow. One feeling came up over and over again… gratitude.


Wellness components: Soul

Last but not least we arrive at number 3: Soul

So far we have covered the fact that I think there are 3 main components to wellness your mind, body and soul. Within each of these there is a world of discoveries and lessons so I have just skimmed the tippy top of the pool. please continue to research and experience on your own what you want to explore more of.

Soul, this word usually brings up religious images and connections. Not here. When I talk about soul I am referring to the true self, the part of you that is pure and has always existed. Our soul is the little voice inside that we really strive to hear and listen to as it will bring you into true harmony with yourself. The soul does not take into account other people’s needs/wants, or “shoulds”. Your soul takes care of you and only you.

As a whole society in America we really do not put much time or effort into taking care of our soul. We live fast and try to always strive for what is next, rarely taking the time to rest and look within. Self-care is HUGE in wellness, after all if you cannot take care of yourself how are you suppose to take care of others, work, and be a contributing factor to the world? Self-care is how we hone our skills to connect with our true self and, in turn, feed our souls.

When you close your eyes and imagine your perfect moment, or day what does that look like? How would you feel after you had this amazing day? Would you be more relaxed, more positive? The components that create your perfect day are all things that can be used to feed your soul. It can be a nap, quiet time with a book, a long hike outside, or just taking a few deep breaths. I know that time is limited and people have work, family, to-do lists, and such. Those things will never go away, usually we tend to accumulate more stressors so now, today is the day to start to take care of you too.

On your list #1 should be self-care. If you take a few moments/minutes each day you will be more positive, listen better, get more done. Feed your soul good things and it will repay you with concentration, love, energy, plain old goodness. Wellness is a journey that never ends but it does begin; today. Just start to think about yourself and how you could fit in 5 minutes of self-care. Then try it, some days it will work and others it will not, but if you continually try to take that time for you it will get easier.

Enough rambling. What are you going to do for self-care? Share your tips and tricks with others so we all can learn!

Wellness Component: Body

Alright so it has been over a week since my last post. What can I say, it is summer here in the PNW and that means we are busy bees. I left off the last post with the promise to complete the wellness trifecta. Here we are at number 2, body.

Your body is your temple, do you belive that? Yeah…I fear that many people don’t even come close to thinking this way. We as a society tend to get caught up in the looks, shape and size of our bodies. This is the ego manifesting itself, when we seek wellness we are looking for the true self. We rely upon our bodies for so much; to move, work, love, transport and many other things. There is no question that we have to take care of our bodies to be well.

Treating your body well can really be simplified into three things; 1- love yourself 2- put good things into your body 3- use your body to move. If everyone did these three things I would bet that life would get better.

First, we have to love our bodies, does this mean you can never feel “fat” or gross, not at all. There are plenty of times and days that we just do not feel amazing, that is perfectly normal, the key is to roll with it and don’t let guilt or shame flood in. Be grateful that you have a working body because many people in the world do not. Self -love can take time and energy to develop. This is not something that you can have all of the sudden. I takes work to find and maintain the feeling. I believe that self-love is something you need to work on for your entire life.

Second, we are what we eat. We have heard this a million times, because it is what we put into our bodies fuels us. Our entire system of organs, blood, muscles and tissues is running off of what we eat. We need to do our best to make sure that we are feeding our bodies enough fuel and the best fuel we can. To me the best “diet” is really a lifestyle. It is eating whole real foods and trying your best to moderate sweets and packaged foods. There is enough content in number 2 for its own post so I will not go into further detail here.

Third, use your body to move. We are designed to move and use our muscles. That being said our society is becoming extremely sedentary and we are just starting to see the effects this has such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and spinal issues. The CDC recommends 150 minutes if moderate exercise per week. This is bare bones minimum here. He many of you get that in every week? The health benefits of moving and incorporating fitness are astounding from reducing the risk of cardiac issues, to lowering blood pressure, and many more.

Wellness can mean so many things and I believe it is imperative to sit down and figure out exact ally what it means to you and how you can start to live well. I hope this helps start some conversations in the world whether it is a truthful conversation with yourself or a family meeting with everyone you love.

What would your main wellness components be? I would love to know…