Where to go from here

This space here is one that I really had visions for(it still may get there). But for know what I need is a space to share ideas and life happenings that I am currently experiencing. I really hope that I have the ability to tie my life and what I am going through into wellness coaching and furthering my work with that.

All I ask of you now is to hold on. There may be content you do not care about or maybe I will open some flood gates for other women to connect over. We will see how much I share and how much things are going to change for me/us/life.

Sorry to be vague now but I am doing my best to sort through things before I post anything.

See you soon!


Trusting Life

There is never a time when things are handed to you on a platter with a card saying “make that decision now”. In my life at least it is the opposite, more of a compiling effect with multiple issues (good & bad) all coming at once. How can a person deal with life and stay calm/centered/sane?

The answer is… I have NO idea.

All I can offer here is the comfort that comes with trust. Trusting both yourself, your choices, and your universe. Hooky, I know. When you really think about it though usually what we “freak out” about is out of our control. Control being the operative word here, we all love to think we have control (hint: we don’t). This trust I speak of is the trust that you are doing your best with what is going on. Trust in the fact that you are making the best decisions you can right now. Trust in yourself, your body, your relationship, your job or whatever the case may be.

Currently in my life a lot is going on and I know that our lives will be changing in big ways coming up (I really hope so). This has been a long journey for me, the trust stuff. There are still days where all I can do is cry and wine and cry some more. But then there are days when I know/feel that I am enough. Even if those moments of trust are fewer than I want, I know in my heart they are always there. All I need to do is calm myself so I can tune into my trust.

How would your life change if you took 1 minute each day and really tried to connect with the trust in life and in situations you seem to be struggling in? Would the answers become clear? Would your worry dissipate?

Try it out, just one measly minute of listening to what you trust in life, in yourself. I dare you

Yes to 522 and GMO food labeling

I live in the PNW, specifically Seattle, Washington. For those of you that are not aware we are in the middle of a pretty heated battle regarding initiative 522 on November’s ballot. This new law would require foods that contain genetically modified ingredients to be labeled as such. Currently, there are no state or federal laws that require labeling of genetically modified foods. In addition the FDA does not require any safety testing on foods unless it contains a known allergen. Yes people that is correct, NO labeling, NO testing.

You can tell by now that I reside heavily in the YES camp on initiative 522. My reasons? I deserve to know what is in my food. I want to know what I am eating to the best of my ability and that is not currently what happens if someone walks into a common grocery store. Taking a food and changing the genetic makeup also changes how our bodies react to it, and what nutrients we derive from said food. Also over time what can that mutated genetic material do to us? These are all unknowns, one thing that I deserve to know is WHAT IS IN MY FOOD!

Monsanto and Dow, among others, have started to pour money (this is the highest funded initiative in Washington’s history) into our state airing horrible ads and trying to buy the vote. It is time that we as a people stand up to this bullsh*t and for once not allow MONEY TO GUIDE voters. The no campaign is interesting in the fact that they do not have hard facts to pass along. Their entire campaign is the slogan “vote no to 522” this is repeated over and over. Also the majority of ads are run during football games. That is correct, watching the Seahawks also gives you a healthy dose of “no to 522” ads. Do they think that the average american male does not care about his diet? That they are stupid enough to just vote no because they say so in a commercial? Or maybe they think that the men are drunk and will just remember the slogan come voting day. I am assuming that they are trying to target the male audience due to running the ads during football. Little do they know that WOMEN WATCH FOOTBALL TOO!

Getting off topic here, sorry about that. There are many other countries that have GMO labeling laws; New Zealand, Australia, China, and European Union to list a few. This proves that there are others out there whom believe consuming genetically modified foods are potentially detrimental. Bottom line we deserve to know what is our food. We deserve to have a say in what we eat. We demand to be competent and not complacent consumers. We believe in eating whole, real food. WE NEED TO STAND UP TO MONSANTO AND THE GIANTS WHO THINK THEY CAN BUY THE GOVERNMENT! VOTE YES ON 522 and make some history!


Carrot Ginger Soup

Along with football on Sunday I made us some Carrot Ginger soup from the Clean Eating cook book by Terry Walters. I decided on this recipe due to the fact that we cleared out the garden and were overloaded with carrots. This was SO east and yummy, perfect for fall (I am planning on making this for Thanksgiving too).  Below is a photo bomb of the process and end product!


Behind the scenes.

Behind the scenes.



Topped with minced parsley, pepitas, and avocado!

Topped with minced parsley, pepitas, and avocado!


Tahini Miso Broccoli

So I got bored the other day with my lunch and decided to whip up a yummy sauce. Feel free to put this on anything from fish to chicken, and any veggies you want (I am a broccoli monster)!

-1 bunch organic broccoli
*Steam until aldente or desired doneness
-1 T tahini
-1/2 T miso
-1 T hot water
-1 t pure maple syrup
-soy sauce or amino acids to taste

Mix all of the above ingredients and add to broccoli. Sprinkle with sesame seeds and consume.

Simple and tasty, boom!

Simple and tasty, boom!