The next step

For those of you wondering what is going on with our family planning to be honest not too much. Since the end of October we have been in a holding pattern waiting for a second opinion from a different clinic closer to our house in the city.

That appointment is in two days. I am scared and happy that we will start working towards a family with hopefully some wonderful doctors. That being said I am scared too. My body just started to cycle on its own (hell yeah!) so now I am afraid of messing things up, I am afraid of gaining weight on fertility drugs (selfish maybe but I am honest). There is a lot of unknown still for me and it is always hard to walk down a path of unknown.

The fear is there but love, hope, and excitement all outweigh it. I know that we are going to start a family for reals  very soon. This is a lot to think about and process at times but I am SO ready and I just hope that my body is as well. I am also doing a good job of enjoying where I am right now and appreciating everything because it will all change soon.

Oh and I just ordered a Vitamix and am so excited!

Be Well.