18 weeks…half way (1st trimester recap part 1)

18 weeks

So we are 18 weeks pregnant and growing. All of the sudden I look down and there is this belly in front of me. I am loving the feeling of energy again and can tell that even though I am doing  A LOT less than my norm I am doing a lot more than the first weeks. One thing that I will write about at a later time is the fact that I am not the weight lifting super pregnant wonder woman I always thought I would be. It is what it is and I am doing the best I can with the situation I am in and with the body that I have. This does not mean it is easy.

For today I  wanted to talk about the beginning and the first trimester. Here goes…

At first I felt fine, just like myself. There was so much fear surrounding me though. I was afraid to move or make something “bad” happen. Having two miscarriages before does not really set you up for positive expectations. I was waiting for something bad to happen and so scared. This fear really stuck around until about week 12.

In the beginning I was SO hungry all of the sudden I was eating pizza and burgers (meat was SO good all of the sudden). J was at first excited to eat all of the “unhealthy” things that I would never have normally eaten but after a few weeks he was over it and asked for “lighter” dinners. I just needed food constantly. Also what used to be a meal was just a snack all of the sudden. I would need two eggs and toast and fruit and this is not normal for me. It was fun to “let go” of my eating expectations and just live a bit. Carbs and salt were the best, olives and pickles still taste like heaven.

I was worried and waiting for nausea to kick in, everyone was telling me once you feel sick you know the baby is sticking around. Even though I was falling asleep on the couch every night by 7:30 I still felt well, just hungry. Until about week 7-8; then it kicked in the off feeling that just sits in your tummy. I could tell that having food always helped and tried to eat small snacks constantly. Sometimes I could not go 1 our with out eating something. Saltines helped, but eggs and toast were amazing in the morning. I just felt drained all of the time, days were long and many times I had to nap on my lunch at work. Perfume smelled horrible to me and I really just wanted to be home on the couch. Not much movement or exercise on my part at all.

Things that helped:

*acupuncture weekly through 1st tri

*starting progesterone suppositories (not a fun way to take them but I think this was necessary for my body to hold onto the little ones)

*Not worrying about food and categorizing it as “good” or “bad”

*Meditating every morning to connect with the little life(s) in me, I love this and really believe it helped me with anxiety and fear

Next up: Weeks 11 and on (a scare and dealing with it)


So this changes things (in the best way possible)

15 weeks with twins

15 weeks with twins!

We officially found out we were pregnant February 12th, it made for a great Valentine’s Day, 2 1/2 weeks later we found out there were TWO! I am doing well and feeling like myself again after sickness, puking, and some “bumps” in the road of gestation. I will write more detailed posts about the whole first trimester (the scary, good, and not so enjoyable) soon.

This space is now transforming again since my life is transforming. I will use this space to allow family and friends (and others) to see how my pregnancy is going and how I am trying to still live with health and wellness. I am going to try and post 2-3 times per week and get pics up every other week or so.

Until then, be well.