First trimester recap part II

Between 7-9 weeks I started to really feel the nausea, when I would wake up it was there until I ate. Then it would come back horribly on my bus ride to work. The buses have been my nemesis, there were times when I was planning to run off at the next stop and puke. I never actually puked until week 10 of course it was right after my second pre-natal yoga class, it was embarrassing to run from my mat to barely make it to the bathroom.

In total I have only puked 5 times. Ranging from week 10-14. I just always felt gross and tired and really off unless I was eating. I had no idea that my appetite could be so large. I am hypoglycemic in general so I understand the sick feeling when I have low blood sugar but this was a whole different level. All I wanted was meat and nothing else really did the trick. Hamburger are wonderful things people let me tell you. So good. Also salty pickles and olives were my friends.

I was feeling really tired per usual and needed a day off so I called in sick and slept in one day. I woke up (at 11 weeks) to go to the bathroom (something that happens very often now) and blood. My mind was racing and I immediately thought I was having a miscarriage. I called my mom (the saint) and then my doctor’s office, I did not have cramping but there was light pink/brownish blood. I was told to lie down flat drink tons of water and I could get an ultrasound at 1pm. The bleeding slowed down after a couple wipes but I was freaking out inside. After an UT where the tech did not tell us ANYTHING, I got a call from my doc telling me that I had a few small hematomas. These are just a collection of blood that eventually will get absorbed or will bleed out. On the UT we saw our little ones and their heart beats so I was calming down. I ended up taking a few days rest and bleeding two more times. The bleeding always followed the pattern of enough to wipe a few times then it would stop or really slow down. I have a feeling that I had these for two reasons: 1- I was on progesterone suppositories 2- the placentas were attaching to the walls and I think this could have been a reason.

Week 12 we had a NT scan to check for downs and look at everything else. I was so close to the end of the first trimester and I was excited, my belly was coming in (more of a round bump but there) and I  was relaxing after the bleeding. We were told they both looked “perfect” and that I did not need to worry about the hematomas. Whew!

Around 13-14 weeks I started to feel like I had energy again. It was so nice. We were moving and I needed to help at the new house so it was awesome to feel better and contribute. It is true that the second trimester is sort of a honeymoon phase at least that is what it feels like with my pregnancy. There have been times when I even forgot I was preggo for a moment, only after I ate. The key is eating people and with twins the name of the game is protein. Lots of meat, bread and eggs.

Our journey never ends and you will never guess what will happen next just wait…

Somewhere in the 14 is week

Somewhere in the 14th week