The Holidays

One of my goals for 2015 is to be present more here on this space. It is acting as my baby book for these two little ones. Now down to business…

The holiday season was fun and busy this year. Firs time with children and I can say that I think it was a success. We sent out a holiday card, got santa pictures taken, dressed them up, and spent meaningful time with our families. Henley and Crosby got to meet their cousin Marlowe for Thanksgiving, it was so special to spend time with their Aunt and Uncle. I also got to spend some time with my new niece. The meaning of family has changed now that we have the kids. It is hard to explain but we were super close with our families before but now after all that we have been through it is amazing how much I cherish each and every member. Without our families we could not have gotten through living at Children’s and having twins. Gratitude and thankful are the two words that sum up the holidays this year.

Our outing with Santa was a success, two hours in line and zero meltdowns. We got the best picture we could and I think it is pretty damn good for 9 week old twins.

photo 1



Christmas was wonderful, and exhausting as well. We were with Jamin’s family for Christmas eve and then with my family on Christmas day. There is a lot of gear that now follows us everywhere; diaper bag, breast pump, bottle for Crosby, baby carriers, car seats, and Elwood with his leash. It is comical to see our car loaded and we are just going somewhere for half the day. We are getting used to this now and can pack up pretty quick. The babies were great and only got fussy at the end of the day. With everyone around, all the noise, and so many people cuddling them they got overtired. We would get home later than usual and feed then put them to bed. They would take a bit longer to go to sleep which means that we missed out on our sleep. I was really tired by then end of Christmas and needed a day to recuperate.

The babies are growing so much, it is amazing to watch these tiny humans change before your eyes. They both are smiling and interacting a lot more, I will update in more detail this week on their 3 month post.

Right now my family of four is watching the Seahawks and I am going to join them. Merry Christmas to everyone out there be thankful of what you have and who you have around you.

photo 3

Santa gave the twins both a place to relax

photo 5

Christmas outfits at 11 weeks old!

photo 4

Cutest elf ever!



2 months

Long time to type, sorry about the absence. Things here have been busy, trying and good all at the same time. We are getting used to being parents and having two little ones depend on us for everything. I still do not know if I feel quite like a mom but I know that I love my little ones to the moon and back and I miss them if I don’t get to hold them for a long time. I always thought that the second I had a child I would feel this crazy shift and things would be perfect. The reality is that this has been a slow progression for me and that everyday that I get with them I grow closer to motherhood and to them. For me this transition is exactly that, a transition, and I am feeling more comfortable with it. In fact, I love thinking of myself as a mom, I just hope that I can be a good one.

Getting outside is slowly getting easier. At about 8 weeks I started to really feel like myself again. I am not sure if the hormones have leveled out or if it is because I started to run again but something changed and I feel good. Returning to running/moving my body again is amazing, I am nowhere near where I was before but slowly I will get there. I now realize how important it is for mothers to take care of themselves. If I do small things to make sure that I feel good then I am a better mom to my babies. To all of the new mothers out there take it slow but make time to get out and move your body, it is amazing and can change your outlook  on things no matter how trying they may seem.

Henley- This little lady has grown so much! She looks different and is over 8 pounds, her cheeks are big now and she looks at you with these huge eyes that bug out from her face in a cute way.  She is very intent when she looks at the world and seems perpetually worried. I am hoping that she starts to smile soon, we get brief moments of a smile but not a genuine one yet. Henley is our fussy baby, especially at night she just gets fussy and cannot be consoled. It is really hard when you try everything to console a baby but they just decide to cry anyways. I think she has some tummy issues and is uncomfortable from gas or something that I have eaten. Mind you this is not every night and when she is calm she is so cute and fun to play with. Her range of facial expressions is impressive, I hope she just continues to grow into her personality. I also hope the next post is all about her smiles.

Crosby- Little man has been growing/healing and doing great. He got cleared from the cardiologist for 3 months and this is wonderful. He is still learning how to eat effectively and we have to top him off with a bottle after feedings. That being said he has grown leaps and bounds from the feeding tube. He now weights 8 pounds and I think all of it is in his cheeks. He still has his fussy times but he is more content by himself than Henley is, I think this is due to the hospital stay. When Crosby gets pissed he really lets you know. His voice is getting better but he still hisses when he is really angry. At night he is silent when he sleeps now and it is weird and wonderful. Out man smiles now and then especially in the morning. His whole face lights up and his mouth opens, it is the sweetest thing. I know that he will continue to heal and grow and wow us with how much he changes.

We are getting ready for the holidays and went out and got our tree last weekend, soon we will go to meet Santa, can’t wait to see how that goes!

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