5 Months

This morning I was standing at my bus stop chatting with another rider and the words “I have 5 month old twins” came out of my mouth. Five months old! This post is a week late but that is due to the changes our family went through last week. I started back to work part time last week and it is quite the adjustment. I am so thankful that my work allowed me to go back part time because there is no way I could do full-time. With two little ones at home it is a lot just to work out childcare for 3 days a week. I must state that we are SO lucky to have amazing grandmothers whom both take a day to be with their grandkids. Also, Jamin is taking a day off work to be a dad; I think this is such a special time that most dads do not get with their kids.

Life at 5 months is FUN. You can tell that Henley and Crosby are making sense of their world. They know who mom and dad are and who is not. They are exploring more with all of their senses and it blows my mind to watch them learn. I understand how parents say that each stage is their favorite, I thought I loved my tiny babies but then they start interacting and you love that too. I have settled into my role and I have to admit that I love being the one that can comfort them. They look for me and smile all the time when they see me. Their dad can make them laugh and giggle like no other and it melts my heart. This month I really feel like we have true babies and not infants anymore.

Bed time is still going pretty well, the days of them sleeping in the same crib are numbered. Henley is sort of rolling around and waking up Crosby. Mr. Crosby is also having a hard time soothing especially after the 5 am feeding. He went from being able to be laid down and he would drift off to crying and not sleeping unless he is in our bed. I need to start researching sleep training if this is not a phase. Just when we get into the groove things change.

Henley- You are my sunshine and I love your smile and giggles. You are starting to verbalize more and the high pitched coos are the sweetest sound ever. You roll from your tummy to back and just this weekend you tried to roll from back to tummy (you cannot quite get there yet!). You are my sleeper; you need multiple naps per day and will melt down if you are pushed too far. When you sleep you look so peaceful, like a little angel. You have rolls on your thighs and your face is more round, I can watch you grow day by day. I have to admit, I love that you seem to be a mama’s girl; you love to watch me and look for me when someone new is holding you. When you smile your blue eyes light up and it is amazing. It was hard to leave you for work but I know you are safe with your grandmas and dad. Keep growing and learning baby girl, I love you always.

Crosby- You are growing and changing so much! Your hands are always active and you want to move all the time. When we hold you up standing you love it and get so excited, you never want to close your eyes for fear you may miss something. This is amazing but it means that you never nap. I feel so bad because I know you are tired but you cannot let go and drift off. Your smile is infectious even at 3 in the morning when you think that it is time to play. You start the day with smiles and they do not stop coming. Your sides are ticklish and it is the cutest thing to watch you laugh. Your voice is coming in more and more, you started “talking” to us and cooing. You love interaction and want people to entertain you all the time. We are having some issues with you going back to bed at 5 am; it just seems you only want to sleep in mom and dad’s bed. While we love having you close you need to learn to soothe yourself. You are getting stronger and your last cardiac appointment looked awesome. You passed all the tests and soon we will only go once per year! I love you my baby boy thank you for choosing me to be your mom.

5 months

5 months old my loves