6 Months

It seems amazing that I have been a mom for 6 whole months. The time has gone so fast and so slow at times. I find myself trying to soak up how holding my babies feels, how they smell, their smiles and coos. I know they are starting to grow faster and change in ways that they did not as infants. Life is really fun with 6 month olds, we laugh and play, interact in ways that we could not before. It is amazing just to watch them take in the world and start to figure out movements and their bodies.

This month we started to introduce solid foods, slowly at first we tried sweet potatoes, coconut milk yogurt, red peppers and much more. It took a while for them to figure out the swallowing without the tongue thrusting the food back out. Now they love it. We are still slow on the amount as we had an unfortunate constipation issue, but we are over that now. Currently we give them solids once per day in between feedings in the afternoon. We also give them tastes whenever we want of our food. I have been puréeing all of their foods, I keep it slightly chunky so there is texture to deal with. We also use some LED weaning by giving them strips of peppers to gum, or celery sticks to play with, Henley really likes this method. It is fun to experiment with foods and try to get them to taste new things. So far savory wins over sweet, which is great. I know that soon they will be eating everything we eat for dinner. I find myself thinking about when they will no longer need me as their food source and I am already getting sad. It is just a really neat feeling to know that you are the only one that feeds them and that what my body is doing is so amazing.

We went on a family vacation to celebrate birthdays for a weekend and it was really fun to get the babies so much uncle/auntie time. Sleep has been a struggle for the last month I think they went through a growth spurt or just a few wonder weeks where things were off. I never know what we will get with sleep, we have worked on a routine at night and keep that pretty simple and easy. 6-7 is naked time (yes totally naked play time), 7 I feed them and then they are asleep when we put them down. This is our routine it is simple but it seems to work for us.


Henley 6 months

My love you are getting prettier and funnier with every day. You started to scream when we have naked time as you love to kick your feet and move around. You learned to roll from your back to front on my birthday, it was amazing! Your rolling skills are getting better and better, you are also pushing up trying to get to all fours now. You also learned happy baby and grab your feet in the air. You smile all the time and cannot smile without having your mouth open. Your blue eyes mesmerize everyone that you meet. I love the fact that you have my face shape and looks but with your daddy’s eyes and coloring. You are still a really good napper and need more sleep than your brother. You were skeptical of foods at first but have come around and now watch everything we put into our mouths. You are growing and changing but you will always be my baby girl. My heart melts every time that you look at me. You do not like me to leave you or walk out of the room, I love being needed so much. I love you.


crosby 6 months

Smiley boy, your smile makes your round face even cuter. You really like to smile and are really happy in general. There are moments where you really get into a funk but those are pretty short-lived. You really like being held and played with constantly. I know your little brain is growing and taking in the whole world because you are always looking around checking things out. You  maybe getting a little better at napping but still  need a lot of help to calm down and shut your eyes. You really love food and start to whine when I am feeding your sister a bite instead of you. You have caught up to Henley in regards to measurements and that makes me feel so good. You are a growing boy and I think you would always if I let you. You can roll from tummy to back but do not like to do this too much right now. You love to stick your thumbs into your mouth and blow on them like you are playing the trumpet, it cracks me up. You are getting more vocal as well and I cannot wait for first words. I love you bug and feel blessed that I get to be your mommy.

We went and got some portraits taken for their 6 month milestone:

babies 6 month


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