8 Months

8 months

The months are flying by and I think that I will start to do updated every two months. Our life has been so busy between the babies, all of the backyard renovations, and still working part-time. Summer weather has come early it seems and it is so nice to have the sunshine and heat, although it is different thinking about protecting the little ones from the sun. We are hitting an age where the babies change so much and so fast. They are developing and learning now in ways that they have not before. We can play with them and tickle them, laugh at them and really engage. This also means that we have moved from somewhat passive parenting to really active parenting. The babies always want to be played with and entertained in some way, they do some self play but really they love and need the interaction from other people. They have started to smile at each other more but I would still say that they have not played together. We just started to see them grab toys from the other, especially Crosby, so I think soon they will fully acknowledge each other and hopefully find a playmate.

I think about 8 months of being a mother and it blows my mind. Really recently have started to feel a bit more like myself. I think that I am just getting used to the new life as well as my body slowly healing still. I really did not think it would take this long but I believe now that you should give your body a full year before you expect to feel like you did. I weigh less than when I got pregnant but my body still feels different. That may never change and I am okay with that but it does not mean that I don’t try to eat healthy and take care of the body that I have, new or old. One major accomplishment is that I ran my first race, the Rock n’ Roll 8K. It was an easy distance I could manage without having to train at all. I am happy with my results 8:43/mile and want to sign up for another one to see if I can start to get faster. The best part was turning a corner for the last up hill and seeing Jamin with my babies cheering me on.



Sweetheart you are so beautiful, your features have come out so much in the last two months. You are feminine and strong in your own way and I love watching you blossom. You will always be a bit more reserved, you need to study the world before you engage. I love holding you and getting the biggest smiles, or tickling your neck and hearing you giggle. You LOVE your daddy and even have a hard time eating if he is in the room. You always pull off and stare at him smiling, it is heartwarming. You like your solid food and have started to suck your thumb in-between every bite. While cute this makes for a bigger mess but we will have to get over that. You really love to chew on raw red peppers, cucumbers, broccoli, we are starting with a lot of veggies. You also love to eat melon out of the mesh teethers that we give you.

You still need your sleep or you get crazy, you go down for naps relatively easily and sleep about an hour longer than your brother in the morning. You really like to sleep in-between your daddy and I, I love waking to see your sleeping face so peaceful. You can go about 6 hours at night which helps a lot! You can sit up by yourself now and play on your mat, you are also worming around and I think will be crawling with in a month. You are a mover and I don’t understand how you can wiggle your way around so much but you do. Still no babbling really, sometimes you talk to your monkey but it is more cooing. I try to get you to say “mama” but no luck. Your spirit is amazing and I love how cute you look in summer bloomers with your chunky legs sticking out. While I miss my teeny girl I know you are only getting bigger and I am excited for that too. I love you honey!



My little buddy you are so happy and smiley it kills me. Even in the middle of the night I walk in and I can see you smile with your mouth wide open. You are the cutest thing and I love your spirit and energy. You are a mover and a shaker, always looking around and trying to “climb” me when I am holding you. I am fearful for when you become mobile because I think I will be chasing you all-day-long. You can sit up on your own and have not really showed signs of moving beyond that. I think you will go straight to walking because you love to stand up and get so excited when we hold your hands so you can stand. We practice walking with you and you are getting better and better. You are a mama’s boy for sure and really love to me around me. Lately you have been extra clingy and needed to be held a lot of the time, that coupled with a fever for a few days led to TWO TEETH! You have the cutest little chompers coming in at the same time on the bottom.

I was hoping you would sleep better once they broke through but nope, you still wake every 3 hours during the night. Sometimes you sleep in the mamaroo and just recently we started to lay you down on your tummy, you seem to like it. I LOVE being your favorite person but sometimes it gets hard because I cannot hold you all of the time. Self soothing is the hardest thing for you to do but we are working on that. You love to eat food and grab at everything we put in our mouths. You turn down nothing right now and I love that about you, I hope you continue to be a great eater. You have started to babble a little bit more and are by far more verbal than your sister. You chew on your thumbs and blow raspberries so much it makes me laugh. You love you rough house with your daddy and can hang out watching sports with him anytime. It is so exciting to think about how far you have come and how you continue to grow. You amaze me buddy and I love you so!


Here are some pictures from the last two months:


image6 image3

image2 image1

image8 image7


One thought on “8 Months

  1. Hi Alicia,
    I’m sitting here having breakfast with Grandma, I read your story and showed her the pictures. We both cried at how cute they are. Nice job. They are growing so quickly. Mom keeps saying “Aurea must be in her glory!!!! Love you all. Lulu

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