Zipper Club Member

Cosby is a lifelong member of the zipper club. The secret club that you belong to once you have had open heart surgery. We are lucky enough to have companies out there like Tink and Key to come up with wonderful ways to turn challenges into something to celebrate. A perfect example is the two shirts that we were sent to check out.

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender_4

I ordered a size larger than needed so they could wear them for longer, these shirts are SO cute and I love the baseball sleeve look. Crosby of course got the zipper club member t-shirt and Henley got the miracle baby t-shirt. They sell clothes for everyone from newborns to moms and dads. Not only do they create these wonderful clothes with positive messages but they also donate 10% of their sales to their featured organization monthly!


The miracle baby shirt would make such a great gift for anyone that has experienced loss or has had a challenging fertility journey. They have so many more styles and options check out their website for a limited time use SUMMERBLOG15 for 25% off tees, or instagram @tinkandkey. *Full disclosure we received these shirts for free but all of the opinions are all my own.



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