11 months

My babies turned 11 months yesterday, they are not babies anymore and you can tell by just looking at them. All of the sudden they are understanding more and more verbally. Crosby understands a lot and babble but does not say any true words yet. Henley is talking all of the time “dada” and just yesterday I *think we now say “hi”. It is exciting to watch them interact with each other more and more everyday. Crosby really loves to play with her and she has warmed up to him squealing when he crawls up to her. We have run into the squabbling over toys already and it is really funny to watch, for now.

As a family we are doing pretty well, in August we started re-siding our house. Well as first time projects go we underestimated the amount of work and we have been doing nothing but siding for about a month now. We have had SO much help from family which is amazing but it is really hard to live in a construction zone with two little ones. The hardest part is not having Jamin around to help and just to spend time with the kids. There are harder days where I have a bit of a pitty party for myself but we have no choice but to suck it up. Jamin is working so hard on the house all while working overtime at work, I can tell he is tired and over working so much but he is not a complainer at all and he is amazing. Once we are done with the siding we are looking forward to spending quality time together. We will get there and it will pay off!


Henley girl you are growing so big, all of a sudden you have a tummy and are becoming a bit of a chunk. Your face is changing and you are looking like such a beautiful little girl. You are talking so much and always talk about “dada”, there are times when you think you are so funny and open your mouth and throw your head back, it cracks me up. You watch the world so much and figure things out before you dive in and explore. You shake your head “no” and just started to say “hi” and wave. You LOVE your daddy and smile so big when he walks in the room. Recently you have had two colds and it is so sad watching you try to breathe through your stuffy nose, it makes bedtime hard because you cannot suck on your monkey pacifier while breathing. You spend a lot of time in our bed when you are feeling poor. We are having so much fun exploring the world and you have started to interact and play with your brother. When the two of you crawl around and laugh it makes my heart smile inside. I love you so much and feel so proud to be your mommy (even if you don’t say my name yet).


Oh boy you are all over little one. You are such an adventurer in the truest sense. You are into everything and love to try to get into things that are not toys. For example, you love to crawl behind the toy basket and turn on the TV, then you turn it off. You are not supposed to touch the TV but you love it just the same. We have to gate off the kitchen, close the bathroom door and our bedroom door just to keep you out. You started to walk with the walker and now just fly across the room, when Henley tries to walk you crawl over as fast as possible and basically push her aside. We are starting to really work on sharing a bit and you really do not like it. You always want to be in the middle of the action and at times it is not the safe place for you. We will continue to allow you to explore as long as it is safe and sound. You babble a ton especially in the morning but do not really say any words let. You just got really sick, you had a cold that turned into an infection. The left side of your face swelled up and it looked like you had a black eye. We spent all morning at doctor’s office, then  got a blood draw. You started antibiotics and are all better but it was so sad to see you that sick. You did not even smile or eat for a whole day. Buddy, I love you and all of your energy. I love being your mom and am so proud to call you my son.

I just sent out the invite for your first birthday, I cannot believe it!


Husky football season starts!

IMG_0874 IMG_0987


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