Spill your guts.

I am fully aware I have been MIA. I apologize as this space has been on my mind for a few weeks now, trying to make/take the time to sit here and catch up on life and happenings around this circus we call our family.

Turning way back…we sold our house! We moved out in March so we could more easily finish projects. We moved in with parent’s in Seattle and lived there for a month while our house was finished and listed. It took 6 days to sell in this crazy inflated market. We were happy to sell for above asking price but now are on the other side as buyers with no power. We moved again to my parent’s house and have been here since April. It is amazing that we have family to live with, especially because moving in a family of 4 is a lot to ask. Things have been going well and we are so thankful. At the same time we are SO ready for our home. We have made some offers and been out bid every time, some for a little, and some for a lot. The market here is insane and there in no way to accurately explain it unless you are in it shopping and making offers at $100k over asking. Insane I tell you. We lost on a house I fell in LOVE with and that was really hard to shake but I am trying to stay positive and know that the universe is helping guide us the right way. Enough about that.

The kids are so crazy fun and getting more challenging in every way. We are entering the twos and I refuse to say they are terrible but we now need to start to parent a lot more and discipline all the time. It can be overwhelming but we try to take things day by day, sometimes it has to be minute by minute (literally). They have changed so much and are for sure 100% kids now, I still see glimpses of a baby in them but that is fading fast. Their comprehension is growing by the minute and they can follow directions (when they want to). Vocabulary words come daily now and sometimes they say something I never knew that they could say. It is fascinating to watch a human develop and grow. We are doing our best to keep up with the changes in parenting as well but sometimes it is hard to know what to do or how to do things. We do the best that we can for OUR family and try not to judge others or pretend we are perfect. We are all in it together.

Henley- Darling you are so strong and beautiful, smart and cuddly. You have become obsessed with flowers, you try to smell them when you see one but end up blowing the air out of your mouth instead of sniffing and it cracks me up. You love to touch all plants and flowers everywhere. You are talking so much more and just yesterday said “oval” just like you have always known what it was. You are still a pretty good sleeper unless something is going on (teeth). You now have a pink my little pony you named “neigh” she has sparkly hair and you love taking her with you, especially in the car. You can dance like no one else in the best ways. When you hear music you start to shake your booty and swing side to side, sometimes in the car you throw your arms up and wave them around to dance and I love every second. Your emotions still run high at times and you have melt downs where you cry and cry until you are red in the face. When that happens nothing makes it better, we just have to leave you alone until you want to be picked up. You have started to be more dominant with your brother and take toys back, you learned “mine” and use that a lot to try to let him know to back off. You love being outside and swinging at the park. Your hair is getting long enough for pony tails and pig tails, it is beautiful and curly when there is not food in it. You are my girl and a joy to be around, sometimes a struggle too but that is life honey and we are doing it together. I love you.

Crosby- Love you are intense with your energy and generous with your kisses and affection. You are starting to really push boundaries and see what you can get away with. We are trying to stay constant with discipline but it is hard because I am not always able to be there when you push the limits. You just started to bite, not always and you know it is not okay but you get this energy and you do not know how to deal with frustration yet. you are my mover and shaker boy, you do not walk anywhere you run. You love parks and running around outside, you REALLY love to sit in the car and “drive-drive”. You just started to really love to color but only will for about 2 seconds then you state “all-done” and get another color over and over again. I love you and your crazy ways of putting on clothes or trying to find something you know I have hidden. Sweeping outside is your top activity and brooms are amazing to you. By the end of the day you are usually tired but still wake a few times at night and need to be coaxed back to sleep, there have been a few nights dad had to sleep next to your crib on the ground so you would calm down and sleep. You are so loving to others, kisses and hugs come from nowhere and you like to try to soothe Henley when she is freaking out by patting her back and kissing her head. It is so sweet! You are thinning out because you use up all of your energy, your arms are getting longer and you can reach so much more (I don’t really enjoy that part). I love you bug and you keep me running, sometimes too much but I will take that anyway. I love you.

So there is a quick wrap up of life in a nutshell. Until next time, ciao!